You come to Newfoundland and Labrador not just to see the wild shore or do stuff or kiss the cod. You come to  Newfoundland and Labrador to find yourself.  Yes, you will see whales and cod and icebergs and moose and rocks and rolling hills and trees and berries and you will hear music, yes music, everywhere there is music. 

And then you will meet the people... these kind, funny, generous, gregarious people will heal your wounded soul.

Visit us at Seabreeze Cottages where the ordinary meets the extraordinary.

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Northern Bay Sands Beach

Northern Bay Sands Park and Beach is 15 minutes drive from Seabreeze Cottages.  The drive along the shore may be worth the trip itself. It is one of the few sandy beaches in the province. The ocean is lovely but most people swim and play in the river and fresh water pools.  Play volleyball on the beach, have a cook up, listen to birds or feel the breeze, alive on your skin.

Salmon Cove Sands Beach

Salmon Cove Sands Park and Beach is 10 minutes drive from Seabreeze Cottages. Another lovely sandy beach with inspiring cliff side vistas. 

The Trail of the Eagles is about 2.5 km, above the beach in the woods.  Known for the chance of viewing eagles, there are also  a plethora of blueberry bushes so if you go during blueberry season, you'll have fun picking blueberries as well as hiking. The hike isn't too challenging except going up the stairs in the beginning as they are steep.

Pro Tip: Wear bug spray.. you are in the woods.

The Newfoundland Distillery

Located in Clarke's Beach, about 40 minutes from Seabreeze Cottages, The Newfoundland Distillery is a small craft distillery dedicated to using local ingredients and making the finest spirits using copper stills all the way from grain to glass.

The distillery has won many awards and its new Tasting Room is a must visit.

Visit Newfoundland Distillery


  • Stone Jug, Carbonear: 709-596-2629

  • Red Ochre Café, Ochre Pit Cove
  • Mary Browns, Carbonear
  • McDonald's, Carbonear
  • KFC, Carbonear
  • Fongs, Carbonear: 709-596-5114
  • Dons Carbonear: 709-596-8282

Shopping and Personal Needs

All of your shopping and personal needs can be met in Carbonear, about a 20 minute drive from Seabreeze Cottages. You will find:

  • Walmart
  • Canadian Tire
  • Home Hardware
  • The Source: Electronic Goods
  • Advance Auto Care
  • Canadian Banks
  • Hospital and Medical Facilities

Swimming with the Locals!

Near Seabreeze Cottages, you can swim with the locals. In an area known as the Trussel, you can put on your swim gear and take a refreshing dip.

Small Point Community Playground

Need a place to bring your smaller children?  Take them for a short walk to the park. There are swings, climbers, a basketball court and walking trails. The children will smile and you can take it easy and watch them play.

Boat Tours

During the summer season, boat tours can be arranged.  The tours will take you to see whales, birds, icebergs and more.

Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre in Carbonear NL

The Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre is a 379 seat, air conditioned and wheelchair accessible facility, set in the heart of the Baccalieu Trail Region.  With some luck, perhaps you can catch an exceptional show.

Visit the Princess Sheila Theatre